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Who we are ?

Why we are Important to the world:

Focelite is focused on products that enhance cellular oxygen and demonstrate abilities in trapping viral bodies/particles. Welblu, Focelite’s first product, a hallmark innovation, with a unique mechanism of action that simultaneously impacts several mechanisms related to COVID-19 complications, as severe hypoxia, hyper-inflammatory reactions, and the increased death signaling leading to an immunosuppressive state Likewise, it is seen to be re-adjusting cellular metabolism to a mitochondria-centered condition that is effectively depriving the Covid virus of its energetic and structural supplies.

This innovation, a first of its kind, WelBlu, from Focelite, offers a truly affordable, cost-effective treatment for Covid 19 virus, that can potentially reduce the enormous Covid 19 emergency burden in Bharat. Focelite’s Welblu development program is supported by Bangalore Bio-innovation centre, A Karnataka Government Enterprise in collaboration with an American partner. Our innovative solution against COVID-19 confirmed by a confirmatory Clinical study performed in The United States of America showed significant efficacy with no reported side effects. Patients were reported to become Covid-19 Negative much faster than control arm.  Our disruptive technology product is a symbiotic combination of drugs and a medical device.

Current Challenges: An Advance variant of COVIDcauses a silent hypoxia wherein patients despite having acute hypoxia low oxygen saturation or SpO2<90 show no clinical symptoms. This condition soon escalates to a cytokine storm and the patient goes into an irreversible phase of respiratory distress. Over and above, the current challenges of administering steroids & over jealous of use oxygen therapy have increased the risk of infections like Black fungus Patients.