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WELBLU idea revolves around the concept of self-dosing viral infection  which includes drug- device combination regime. Our therapy has dual mode of action in combating variant and hybrid forms of VIRAL infection. Firstly, it has direct anti-viral property determined by significant reduction in viral load just after 3 days of treatment and also long-term antiviral activity through the modulation of immune pathway for lasting anti-viral properties.

Dual Action of Welblu is due to its main active ingredient Methylene blue. Methylene blue is  Hydrophilic in its oxidized stage  , and upon reduction converts to leucomethylene blue, which is lipophilic, which renders the immune system cascade activator function. This property of our drug renders itself a dual functionality with one active compound dosing.  

Our technology would be categorized under emerging technology. Welblu is first application of our technology along with pipelines of AMR & Antiviral Therapy. Welblu is a repurposed drug with non-invasive  invivo  drug transformation using a wrist wearable device (Photo Dynamic – Low emitting light therapy) . Our formulation has a potentiated activity for Methylene blue against VIRAL due to the devices’ Photodynamic therapy & Formulations.

In terms of medical professionals’ acceptance of Methylene blue – it has  been  use for more than 120years and continued being used for systemic microbial sanitation through IV use by surgeons worldwide apart from other approved indications.

  • Regulatory Status: Under the filing stage for emergency use authorization.