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How we designed?

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Product Usage: Welblu Drug – 1mL sub-lingual, administered once a day along with low-level light therapy wristband placed on the wrist. Drug is activated for 10 minutes with Low-Level Light Therapy before being placed sublingually. Low-Level Light-emitting device will be placed on the wrist for 50 minutes’ wrist band medical devices. The wristband has been designed specifically to activate drug in blood vessels underneath the wrist area. Marvel of this engineering is the ability to penetrate the skin and activate the Product. Product is stable at refrigeration and ambient room temperature. Repeat cycle for Seven days.

Evidence on Efficacy

Clinical Study: Patients diagnosed with VIRAL and confirmed positive with the virus by PCR were treated with the Product for seven days. The Clinical Program had one group having VIRAL Positive subjects and second group having VIRAL Positive subjects taking Antidepressant Medications and a comparative control arm of patients.

Monitoring: Daily clinical improvement were evaluated for seven days of patient temperature, arterial oxygen saturation, and other vital signs measurement.

  1. The first day of admission and on the seventh day, blood samples were drawn to assess chemistry (including liver function tests), C reactive protein, IgG, IgM, IL-6, erythrocyte sedimentation rates like pro-calcitonin, ferritin levels, and the D dimer
  2. Daily PCR Swabs measuring cycle threshold (CT) were collected (period: 1 – 7 days)

Outcome:  This study has shown that VIRAL-positive patients who have undergone treatment using Welblu became  VIRAL negative, after receiving just one to three daily doses. Patients that were positive for VIRAL but not treated with Welblu showed an average of 3 weeks before achieving negative test results using a regular treatment line.