Welblu - Happy minds


How it Works?

Minimum Initial Points to Reach Target Destination

The surface of the Drug carries a positive charge. It can be embedded into DNA or RNA, especially in combination with negatively charged G-C base pairs of viral nucleic acids. Under visible light, WelBlu absorbs light energy, activates it from the ground state to a singlet state, and generates singlet oxygen through electron transfer, which damages and breaks nucleic acids to kill viruses. At the molecular level, Welblu blocks PD-1–SHP2 PPI, which is downstream from the PD-1–PD-L1 co-signalling PPI, with low micromolar potency.

It effectively counteracts the suppressive activity of PD-1 on cytotoxic T lymphocytes and restores their cytotoxicity, activation, proliferation, and cytokine-secreting activity.

This mechanism of action targeting co-signalling pathway (PD-1) is found to be eventually leading to

  • Restoring T cell homeostasis and function from an exhausted state
  • Improving viral clearance and
  • Reining in the inflammatory immune response and the associated cytokine storm
  • Reducing mortality of VIRAL infection patients significantly,

Welblu displayed its capability as a low-micromolar inhibitor of the interaction between Corona Virus spike protein and its cognate receptor ACE2, a PPI that is the first critical step initiating the viral entry of this coronavirus. WelBlu’s ability to inhibit this PPI could contribute to the antiviral activity of WelBlu against SARS-CoV-2 making it a widely available drug potentially useful in the prevention and treatment of VIRAL infection, as an oral medication.

Our findings establish the efficiency of MB to eliminate infections of Sars Cov-2 and provide a path forward to minimize the risk of hospitalizations and vastly improve cure rates over current antiviral forms of treatment.